Expert Consultant to the Media

Bari Kroll frequently provides expert consultation
to a host of TV and news media outlets.


The perfect family?

60% of husbands and 40% of wives will have an affair in their marriage
- The Monogamy Myth by Peggy Vaughn


Your precious little girl?

In the next 24 hours, 15,006 teens will use drugs for the first time.


Financial Crimes

account for approximately 50% of all business failures.
- FBI Financial Crimes Report


If you only knew

your husband already has a different family in a different city. Is it really business travel that keeps him away from you and your family?


He's a fraud!

He alleges that he is suffering and is completely disabled. The doctor he is suing for malpractice is unaware his claim is a sham.

Private Investigations

B.Lauren Investigations is a fully licensed and insured New Jersey Private Investigation firm headquartered in Monmouth County, NJ. The agency specializes in private investigations for a variety of family related issues including infidelity, child custody, teen trace and premarital investigations.

Bari Kroll in the Media

As a consultant for several local and national news media outlets including Fox News, NBC, the Maury Show, Verizon Fios News1, Two River Times, Star Ledger and Asbury Park Press, Bari Kroll and B. Lauren Investigations is a contributor of expert knowledge for a variety of topics affecting families and corporations today.

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Corporate & Legal Services

We provide corporate and legal support services for a variety of professions including top litigation attorneys, insurance companies and businesses to include background investigations, employee theft, skip tracing and asset recovery.


There are two ways to be fooled: One is to believe what isn't so;
the other is to refuse to believe what is so.
-Soren Kierkegaard