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As a consultant for several local and national news media outlets including Fox News, NBC, the Maury Show, Verizon Fios News1, Two River Times, Star Ledger and Asbury Park Press, Bari Kroll and B. Lauren Investigations is a contributor of expert knowledge for a variety of topics affecting families and corporations today.

Worker's Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries




Spying on Your Kids: The New Trends in Parenting

Millions of people have access to your kids every day, so why shouldn’t you?  This FIOS news video features me explaining the reasons more parents are using outside sources to investigate what their children are doing.  Would you hire a PI to keep track of your kids? Click the link below for the surprising answers some parents have.
Fios1 NewsFIOS News: Parents Hire Private Investigators to Keep Track of Kids