Corporate & Legal Services


Bari Kroll and her team are experts in disguise and undercover surveillance. Through smart, tenacious persistence and by using the latest technologies, they have provided their corporate clients with high quality, effective surveillance video and photography for a variety of circumstances.

Background Investigations and Criminal History

It is becoming more apparent in business and industry that people are not always as qualified as they claim to be. They also may have a past history of criminal or inappropriate behaviors. Before hiring your next employee, contact B. Lauren Investigations to provide a high level, complete background check to ensure the person you are trusting with your business is qualified, capable, with a clear history so that they can perform the job you hire them for.

Attorney Resource

An attorney and their client can benefit by hiring B. Lauren Investigations for litigation support services. Let BLI conduct the appropriate due diligence and investigative research, which could prove crucial in preparing a case for trial. Included in our services are:

  • Witness locating and Screening
  • Witness Interviewing and Statement taking
  • Background investigations
  • Photography services
  • Service of Process
  • Identification of Expert Witnesses
  • Court records searches and retrieval

Employee Theft

Unfortunately, there are those employees that will and do steal in a variety of ways from their employer, and not just from the supply closet. Do you suspect an employee of shifting sales? Have your accounting reports been telling you something you need to know about your on-staff bookkeeper? Protect yourself from unproductive employees, time wasters, internet surfers and social website addicts, as this is all a form of corporate theft. Our services also include loading dock surveillance and employee decoys for observation of internal affairs.

Insurance Fraud

Find out why top rated insurance firms use B. Lauren Investigations when they suspect that a claimant is committing fraud. BLI will thoroughly review documents and depositions to assist in determining the best course of action for a quick settlement. In addition to surveillance, BLI will conduct extensive deep web Internet research to mine for pertinent information and evidence in regards to the claimant’s current lifestyle and hobbies, which can be used to prove false or exaggerated claims.

Workers Compensation

When accidents happen in the workplace, a company can lose an employee for a period of time, which can be costly and disruptive to the business. Through surveillance methods B. Lauren Investigations can insure that the time and benefits paid out to an employee are justified and reasonable.

Tennant Screening

Your investment property is an asset that needs to be protected. Know who you are renting to by contacting B. Lauren Investigations to provide you information on a prospective tenants pay history, credit scores, previous evictions, background, liens and judgments. When you have a clear picture of a tenant’s character and history before you sign a lease, you will save time, money and legal expenses later.

Skip Tracing and Asset Recovery

B. Lauren Investigations conducts nationwide location services for missing persons or debtors. Whether you are looking for a litigation witness or a dead-beat parent, our hands on investigators provide personal service in assisting you to locate the person in question and provide you with their current address and contact information.

Do you suspect that your debtor has the means to make good on judgments, but is hiding assets? Let BLI help you locate real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, and brokerage accounts, which can be used to collect on a claim.


Professional screening can be performed on a local or nationwide search of public filings for any bankruptcies. BLI can perform tax liens for state, county and federal liens, small claims and municipal judgments. Additionally, property notices of default or foreclosures can be verified. Choose the experts who can give you the hard facts when it counts most.